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A safe haven of support, empowerment and hope for women involved in prostitution who struggle with the disease of addiction.

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In nearly five years we have served hundreds of women and now dozens are clean, sober and living a life of recovery.

Connie's  Story

Beth's Story

Wanda's Story

Tracy's Story

"Tamar's Place Saved My Life. . ."

Connie's Story


I'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason, and I believe Tamar's Place saved my life. Tamar's place never gave up on me, no matter what I was doing on the streets. They fed me when I was hungry, gave me a safe place, and clothed me when I had nothing to wear.


It was so nice to have a place to get away from everything "out there." Tamar's Place cared about me when no one else did. Even though I had given up on myself, Sister Grace kept her arms open to me.


Truly I believe she is an angel – because through Tamar's place, I began loving myself again. It was through this wonderful place that I found the Off-the-Streets program, and, by the grace of God, I will make it this time. I hope someday I can make a difference in someone's life like Tamar's Place has done for me.

Tamar's Place was my Miracle

Beth's Story


From a young age, I remember feeling lonely. My stepfather was an alcoholic and my mother struggled with drugs. Soon, I became rebellious and started drinking.


At age 17, I became pregnant . Just one year later, I shot heroin for the first time. I lost interest in everything except heroin and would lie, cheat, steal and prostitute myself to obtain it.


Tamar's place was my miracle. Sister Grace helped me receive the message of hope and healing–finally convincing me I needed to change my life. Tamar's Place facilitated my entrance into the Off-the-Streets program and I graduated after 8 months of recovery.


Today I have my own place and a strong network of love and support. I wake up everyday wanting to embrace life. I volunteer at Tamar's Place to give back what I've been given.


Thank God for Tamar's Place and the volunteers.

Hope Through God

Wanda's Story


My life was simply like this. I was raised by both my biological parents. They were low income alcoholics who raised me the best way they knew. I began drinking at a very young age.


Through my alcoholism, I experienced great tragedies. I was raped by a stranger when I was fourteen years old. I became very ill and hopeless at that age. My alcoholism became full blown at that point. I later lost my two children, my home and my health.


 My family turned their backs on me because they refused to watch me kill myself.  I became homeless in 2004 and lost sight of reality. I didn't want to live or feel.


Then I met Sister Grace at the Tamar's Place program. She made me feel that people do care, and that there is hope through God and with determination to change. She has been a dear friend and mentor in my recovery.


Today I have a real job, and a place where I pay rent to live. I no longer prostitute, and God meets my every need. I'm experiencing life's blessings and I'm no longer afraid. I can honestly say, "I care about today and  I believe that every one of these women's lives count."


Thank you Tamar's. Thank you God!

Finding Strength in God

In my life I've always tried to do the right thing but kept falling short. I dropped out of high school my senior year and was just six credits shy of a degree. And what was preventing my success? The disease of addiction. My addiction to cocaine led me to the streets of Cincinnati where I had to do whatever I could to support my habit.


I learned about Tamar's Place and started showing up every now and then for new clothes and something to eat. I started developing a relationship with Sr. Grace but still struggled with my disease. I just wasn't ready to recover. I had been in and out of jail for years and was back "inside" in 2011.


 It was there that I accepted the Lord into my life. Sr. Grace visited me and supported my decision to find strength in God.

Tamar's Place

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